Why All Bespoke Adhesive Suppliers Are Not the Same

Why All Bespoke Adhesive Suppliers Are Not the Same


When looking to place an order with bespoke adhesive tape suppliers for the first time, it’s natural to assume that most are pretty much the same. After all, it is a relatively niche area and so one that breeds assumptions of consistency.  In reality however, things are actually quite different.  Just as is the case across most industries, the differences from one custom adhesive manufacturer to the next can be quite enormous to say the least. As such, if you are looking to procure premium products for the benefit of your business, it makes sense to ensure that you go about the process proactively.

Make no mistake about it – all bespoke adhesive suppliers are not the same.  On the plus side, ensuring you make the right decision doesn’t have to be particularly difficult. Simply bear in mind the following traits and characteristics, in order to determine which of the available options are the true professionals:

1. Expert Consultancy

First of all, there’s a big difference between those who simply sell products and those that offer comprehensive consultancy from start to finish.  Given the fact that you yourself are probably not an experienced expert in the field of industrial adhesives, working with the latter is something of a no-brainer. The whole idea being that you take your requirements to the manufacturer, in order for them to then present you with the various options available. And not only present you with them, but talk you through the very best options in accordance with your needs.

2. Honesty and Impartiality

If you are working with a genuinely independent service provider, they should be able to advise you with total honesty and impartiality. Or in other words, it shouldn’t be a case whereby they are only willing to recommend the products that come from one or more specific brands.  It should be all about you and you alone from start to finish.  Unless it is relatively obvious that you are dealing with a fully independent company, you might want to think about taking your business elsewhere.

3. Direct Dealings

While it’s true to say that resellers and middlemen can provide excellent products, there are certain unique advantages that are exclusive to direct dealings.  For example, if you are looking for the best possible consultancy and advice, you need to go directly to the manufacturer. That you would like your order to be fulfilled and delivered as quickly as possible, direct dealings are the way to go. And for obvious reasons, there’s much to be said for the savings that go hand in hand with purchasing pretty much everything directly from the manufacturer.

4. Samples and Prototypes

One of the most important defining characteristics when looking to ascertain which manufacturers lead the market is that of prototypes and samples.  Specifically, a manufacturing is willing to offer samples of whatever it is you need before you place a large order, this is usually a good sign up their confidence in their products. By contrast, if they are entirely unwilling to offer samples of any kind, this probably tells you all you need to know about their confidence in what they produce. For your own benefit, only ever work with those that are willing to offer samples ahead of time.

5. Satisfaction Guarantees

It is exactly the same story when it comes to satisfaction guarantees, which these days should be offered as standard and without exception.  Satisfaction guarantees are not only there to ensure that you have some kind of comeback, should you determine that the products are not up to par. They also serve as an important mark of trust and professionalism – a clear demonstration by the company that they are completely confident in their products and respect the best interests of the customer.

6. On-going Aftercare

Last but not least, it’s always beneficial to work with suppliers and manufacturers that do not withdraw support and customer service just as soon as the deal has been sealed. It’s the approach many continue to follow, but the very best in the business will always offer ongoing aftercare for as long as necessary. The simple fact of the matter is that there may come a time further down the line when you need advice, support or simply informing about the latest and greatest adhesives that could be fantastic for your business. As such, it’s worth taking into account what kind of aftercare is offered by the business in question, before getting started in the first place.



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