Facts about global logistics that you surely want to know

Facts about global logistics that you surely want to know

Many people consider logistics a field that’s easy to understand. The truth is, it is nothing near that. Global logistics and properly delivering a product, in general, is a complicated process that requires time, dedication and lots and lots of organization. If you have no idea how to get organized when orders are incoming continuously, then this is not a job you could complete without mistakes. Moving goods from one place to another can sound extremely easy, when – in fact – there is a lot more going on in this trillion-dollar industry. From kontering av frakt to concepts that you probably don’t even know they exist in global logistics, you will learn about here. See a list of the most interesting facts about the logistics and transportation sector.


What does the logistics sector include?

Starting with the very beginning, one should be aware of the implications of a logistics company. Even though fact kontering should be present in all existent logistics company, people are avoiding the details because they don’t understand them. Logistics include shipping, warehousing, courier, road, rail and even air freight. Many researchers proved the fact that the entire market value of the global logistics sector reached the order of trillions.

That’s about 15% of the entire GDP of the world. Even though it might not seem like it, in an era of technology, transportation is the fastest-growing sector ever. Just this sector alone is expected to generate approximately 5 trillion in revenue. China and India are well-known for their ever-developing logistics companies and their assumed evolution for the future.

What methods of transportation exist?

Air freight has a global value of almost 100 billion dollars which is more than anyone would expect at the moment. In the last few years, air transport was used to carry the cargo from Asia in Europe for approximately 80% of the orders. Europe and North America are in the same situation. Without air freight, people won’t be able to enjoy fast and cheap delivery services. The same goes for sea freight and road freight. Road transportation is the one that carries around 10 billion tons-kilometers of cargo each year in the whole world. What’s even more important about road freight is that this sector offers almost 8 million people in the EU and almost 10 million people in the USA an actual job and career, which makes the sector so precious that it would be impossible to take it down.

What should you follow when choosing a logistics company?

The main criteria you should follow when choosing a logistics performer would be the quality of its transport infrastructure, the efficiency of clearance processes, the ease of arranging competitively priced shipments and the timeliness of each shipment. The possibility to track shipments and a good customer service are also things you should keep an eye on. Logistics developed so much that people will have trouble in understanding it and using it as it should be used.

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