Employees answer – What makes a great employer?

Employees answer – What makes a great employer?

Going corporate has taught many that all companies and managers have their good parts. But also, their bad ones. When asked what traits a good employer has, many hesitate and don’t know what to answer. If you don’t know what to ask for, from what perspective can one can judge their employer? However, different social researches and experiments offered some answers for this matter. And below are some traits many have attributed to great bosses and companies as employment entities.

1. A good salary

It is normal to think about your paycheck when you start working for a company. It represents the recognition of your hard work and dedication for your job.  Good employers guarantee for each of their employees a decent wage. If you want to have dedicated employees, provide them with the necessary financial means for a decent living. If one must worry about what their family is going to eat or how they are going to pay their bills, they are less likely to work at their full potential and do it well. A proper level of financial comfort is what everybody needs, and if you want hard working and dedicated employees, you must provide them those.

2. Proper work environment

Depending on their duties at the job, you must provide a proper environment is order to make your employees feel safe. A good layout in case of emergencies will make it easier to evacuate, a comforting atmosphere, and promoting a general well-being atmosphere at the office can boost your employee’s potential and make them become a lot more productive. A stressful work environment is very likely to decrease your employees’ confidence and with a low level of confidence comes improper job.

3. Good meals and unwinding means

Give your employees a daily meal at affordable prices. Healthy ingredients keep your employees happy and healthy. It has been proven that companies that have a catering company providing their employees with freshly cooked food tend to have more profit, and their employees tend to be more pleased and dedicated to their job. Furthermore, a gym or a place for afternoon naps (latest trend in powerful corporations) is always welcomed. Additionally, encourage your employees to take frequent work breaks in order to always have a clear mind.

4. Communication is the key to a lasting relationship

Provide feedback means so they can make their wishes, desires and expectations on the workplace known. Just as you need them to know what your company is expecting from them while working for you, it is normal for them to also have certain expectations when it comes to the place they spend the most of their time in. Feedback is a two way street and it can help you maintain a good relationship with your employees.

Here are some expectations every employee has from their workplace. It all lies in communication, a good paycheck, relaxing work environment. Maybe implement an afternoon nap area to keep your workers capacities high all day long.

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