Outsourced credit control services – a clear winner over in-house services

Outsourced credit control services – a clear winner over in-house services

Regardless of the size of your business, credit control is a crucial part of the health and stability of cash flow. You need to have a reliabe and robust system in use in order to get paid in due time. In an ideal world, all customers pay right on time for the services or products they order. But this is not the ideal world. Whenever you have to deal with bad paying customers, it is best to opt for an agency that provides services of outsourced credit control in London. It is a much better alternative to in-house credit control services.


Credit control agencies save you time

Saying that your company operates in retail or any other related industry that requires customers to pay for the products or services they want. You have little to no knowledge in how to deal with non-paying customers, so why waste any time trying to figure out what the best strategy to recover your money is when you can outsource your credit control functions to a specialized agency. Agents are highly trained and have the necessary skills to help you recover the money.

Credit control agencies offer you legal coverage

Since you do not have vast knowledge in the field, you may be exposed to many risks such as not staying within the law without even noticing it until it is too late. A professional credit control agency will do things by the book and will ensure you encounter no legal issues.

Credit control agencies will bring you the desired results

You outsource your company’s credit control functions to some professionals, so it is for sure that you will benefit from the desired results a lot faster than if you have done everything yourself. In-house credit control services may be more comfortable for you, but it surely is not a better solution.

Credit control agencies save you money

For many managers of start-up or medium size companies, hiring someone to handle credit control functions in-house may seem a much more cost-effective alternative. However, if you look at this on the long run, you will probably agree that hiring someone implies much more costs compared to outsourcing the services to a professional agency. By hiring someone you will have to spend money on training sessions and recruiting, whereas by outsourcing the services, you get rid of all this stress and save more money. Opt for the best agency to obtain the best results.

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Types of people who should seriously consider hiring a bodyguard

Types of people who should seriously consider hiring a bodyguard


Bodyguards are somehow a symbol of one’s status. Executives, celebrities, politicians, they all have plenty of them. And while many think that having a bodyguard is somehow a display of snobbery, protection is, in fact, necessary in too many cases. Because of this reason, we strongly encourage you to see if you are part of the following categories. You might want to hire only from the best security companies in UK if you want to be fully protected. But let’s see which ones are the categories that truly need such services. There are services appropriate for every situation that might appear, just bear with us.

Executives and CEOs

If you are part of this category, you’d better consider personal security services. A common practice amongst these people, by hiring their personal security personnel they make sure that they diminish the force of potential threats. Former employees, angry competitors, they all have a potential to develop and grow into a threat, depending on your personal situation. Controlling true business empires, they must make sure that they can continue to run those, without continuously worrying about corporate crimes, angry employees and even kidnapping.

Target of attention

If you won the lottery, you’d better hire a personal security bodyguard. And so should you if you are a crime witness, and if you were a subject to any kind of event that increased your popularity or the attention you receive. People display unexpected behaviour and you want to make sure you are safe.

Victims of domestic violence and divorcees

People from this category should also consider hiring such services, because in these situations, it is hard to anticipate how the other half will receive the news and react. The emotions are high and people, generally, react quite bad under strong emotions. If you want to protect you and your children in similar circumstances, a bodyguard could be the solution you are searching for. Make that what is rarely a pleasant situation, becomes a bearable one with this small adjustment.

Valuable handlers

Another potential target for threats is money and valuable handlers. Oftentimes the vehicles with which they transport those are under attack and many succeed to stop them by always having a bodyguard traveling with them. If this situation sounds familiar, you could always consider their services.

Wealthy individuals should also consider those

Regardless of your position, if you are a wealthy individual you should consider these services mandatory ones.  As you might already know, people in your position are frequently subjects of kidnappings, and so are their families. If you want to diminish this perspective, consider hiring a professional bodyguard. Preferably one for every member of your family.

Luckily, such services are quite affordable nowadays. Only make sure you collaborate with a reliable company. They should have a complex selection process for their employees. Their employees should take part in continuous training programs for having the necessary capabilities you might need.

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Ways debt collectors get your customers to pay

Ways debt collectors get your customers to pay

So, you have customers who are not paying their bills. Customers always come up with an excuse and you are not getting paid. But you are not the only one. All businesses in London deal with customers that do not pay. When they fail to recover their money – what is rightfully theirs – they turn to a collections agency. If you have exhausted your attempts to recover a debt, hire a London debt collection agency. How does a collections agency manage to recover money that is owed on delinquent accounts? They use the following recovery methods.



What professional debt collectors do is use phone call and letters to persuade the delinquent borrowers to pay what they owe. Phone call and collection notices are forms of confrontation. Simply put, customers are confronted with their debts. However, confrontation should not be understood in the sense of fight or argument. Confrontation simply refers to bringing the delinquent borrowers face-to-face with the financial reality. Using this basic strategy, debt collectors push customers towards making payments.


Yes, a debt collection agency is willing to strike deals with delinquent borrowers. But what does debt settlement imply? It implies giving customers a little time to raise the money and offering discounted payments. Is this a good thing? Yes, because you recover part of your money and the debt collectors get paid. Everyone is happy. As with any negotiation, it is essential for the pros to know as much as possible to reach a beneficial outcome. While the agency does not require information about your financial records, you will have to provide details about the delinquent accounts.


If there is one thing that a collections agency does not do is harass your customers. In spite of what you may have heard about debt collectors, they are not awful people and they will not affect your business’ reputation. Reputable collectors in particular get in touch with debtors and behave properly throughout the process. They will not treat your customers badly, so you can be sure that people will keep acquiring your products or services.


Third party agencies have many tricks up their sleeve when it comes to recovering money that is owed. They have both tools and resources, not to mention that they can collect when you cannot. Contacting a collections agency is not the beginning of an abusive ugly, but of a beautiful one. If you want to get paid, make the call.

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The most interesting benefits of utilizing the 1031 exchange

The most interesting benefits of utilizing the 1031 exchange

It is very important to be informed before planning a new business strategy because you have to know very well the rules as well as the risks. As a businessperson, you probably know that you have to move fast and do something at the right time. However, if you feel that you don’t have enough knowledge when it comes to some complex strategies like the 1031 property exchange, it means that you need to ask for professional help. Only specialists can offer you the right support because you have to do everything correctly if you want to enjoy the greatest benefits. You have to understand that this is probably the wisest thing that you can do because there are many things you don’t know about this type of exchange and you will feel confused even if you will read many articles about this business opportunity. Don’t take risks as long as you can ask some specialists to help you find the best structured real estate investment.


Indefinite tax deferral

It is very important to know that one of the most attractive benefits is the fact that you will have the opportunity to defer some huge taxes. This is great because taxes are always a great problem for everybody, not just for business owners. It is better to understand from the beginning what you are allowed to do, so don’t waste time and read carefully all the details about tax deferral. The taxes will be transferred to the replacement property and the best thing is that there is no limit for doing this, so you can defer the taxes how many times you want, without being afraid that you are doing something wrong. You should better talk with someone who has experience in this interesting strategy because you will understand better.

Forget about active management

You should know that you have many other impressive benefits that will make you very happy. Unfortunately, almost all taxpayers who are owning a property investment are also dealing with intensive management. This means that they are spending a lot of time trying to take care of their responsibilities and thinking about some solutions for their problems. Fortunately, you can get rid of this great work if you will use the 1031 property exchange. You will defer the taxes and you will also diminish your management responsibilities.

Increased cash flow

Another great thing that will make you very happy and satisfied is the fact that your cash flow will also increase because you will save a lot of many with the help of tax deferral strategies. The increased cash flow is actually what you have always wanted, so you shouldn’t ignore this amazing chance. You will have more money and you will be able to use them for other smart investments. For example, you will be able to purchase a new property and gain profit. Many specialists would agree with the fact that the 1031 exchange is a very powerful marketing tool that can be used by many individuals.

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Why is the new Honda Accord Hybrid perfect for businesses?

Why is the new Honda Accord Hybrid perfect for businesses?


In times in which economy-wise, we are trying our best to minimize the costs of having a business, some cars offer great fuel-economy advantages. The great design accompanying the fuel-efficient features, the fast breaks, they all contribute to the reasoning that this car might be the fittest option for companies. Also, Edmunds says the new Honda Accord Hybrid might be one of the most appropriate choices in terms of corporate vehicles, and below you will find the reasons why.

New features

After a year of pause, the new Honda Accord Hybrid comes with a couple of features that differentiate it for the best from the previous versions. The vehicle has a basic safety pack that now includes more safety features, the increased power; they all come to contribute in terms of improvements from the previous version.

Great performance

The new model comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, paired with several electric motors and a lithium-ion battery pack. It offers increased engine performances and it behaves perfectly. Or, at least that’s what those who tested it claim. Honda officials say that we should expect 48 mpg in combined driving conditions.

High-quality interior

The materials used for the new Honda Accord Hybrid offer a luxury feeling, the interior being perfectly manufactured, with a couple of small exceptions. The immense 7.7-inch display is generous enough to make the interaction with it less frustrating, it has incorporated audio control features, making the ride quite comfortable. The materials used for the seats are comfortable and breathable, as well.

Flawless driving experience

With the new engine features, the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid has a brisk acceleration. The engine is a bit noisier than the competitors is, but overall it’s not difficult to accommodate with it. However, compared with the power provided, it would be futile to complain about something regarding this vehicle. It offers a smooth, fast drive, and this is all that matter if you are considering a company car.

These are some of the features that recommend the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid as the perfect vehicle for companies. It’s fast, reliable roomy enough, offers great fuel economy features as well as advanced safety features. Make sure you compare the other alternatives on the market by visiting a specialized website that offers plenty of information on diverse vehicles.

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